Agua Dulce

Agua Dulce is a 1 of a kind amplifier. It is constructed entirely point to point using turret sockets throughout the audio path. Turret sockets were originally intened for low noise high speed radar applications. Ampex used this style in their early 400 series recorders. This technology has long since been forgotten due to the advent of the printed circuit board. Why turret sockets? Because we can. Agual Dulce is not a clone of another amp. None of our prototypes are. It uses only octal tubes. 6SL7's make up the preamp section. The reverb driver is a 6K6. The output has switchable bias to allow the use of either 6L6GC/5881's or EL34's. Reverb, overdrive, & tone stack boost are all relay controlled by a triple footswitch. Truly a unique amp.



This is where it all started. Originally Fal was a clone of a Valco Oahu. That lasted all of about 2 days. Soon it had custom made Edcor transformers designed for parallel 6V6's in single ended configuration and a 6SJ7 front end overdrive.



Petronilla is hardly a city. Not quite at the end of the world but one can see it from there. Pet was a 2 fold experiment. 1st was to build an amp using inexpensive tubes (somewhat inspired by Metasonix) and 2nd to get it built as quickly as possible. The goal was to see if STAC was even a realistic idea. We needed to gain experience with the CNC milling machine and we didn't want to waste a whole lot of money. The end result was quite surprising. Pet uses 6AU6, 6BQ7A, 6FQ7, and 6BG6 vacuum tubes. It can be entirely retubed for about $50.00 We learned a ton from this chassis, many mistakes we won't have to make again.



Zapata is a one off that followed Pet. It has an 6267 front end and a classic 6L6 power section. The turret board was modeled after a classic hifi amp and we decided it just isn't rugged enough to meet our standards.

Glo Champ

This amp is based on the Fender champ topology using a sub-miniature Guided Missle tube for a driver and the output is a military transmitting tube. The output tube's plate is made of Tantilum and glows very brightly, hence the name. This is yet another "because we can" amplifier. B+ is greater than 500VDC. For use by authorized personel only!